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The Textile Engineering Industry (TEI) in India is one of the five key sectors of the Capital Goods industry. It has been the cornerstone of the Capital Goods industry for the last 75 years and is capable of manufacturing all the machinery for the spinning, weaving and processing sectors. However, there is also a substantial import of textile machinery specifically in respect of weaving, processing, knitting and garmenting and also nonwoven and technical textiles machinery. The manufacturing scenario in India is improving, in keeping with the Make in India mandate issued by the Government of India.

  • Consists of more than 1600 units, with a total investment of Rs9100 cr, of which 80% are SMEs
  • Values production at approximately Rs6775 crore
  • Has a capacity of Rs11,000 cr
  • Provides direct/indirect employment to > 285,000 people
  • Meets 45-50% of the demand of the Indian Textile industry on an average
  • Projects growth in 2016-17 to reach Rs14,300 crore, from Rs7500 crore in 2013-14
There are over 1600 textile machinery makers in India The total production of Textile Machinery, Parts and Accessories during 2014-15 was Rs6960 crore The total capacity of synthetic machinery is approx. Rs1000 crore
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