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The Indian pumps and valves industry merits appreciation for meeting today’s demand of the latest cutting-edge technological challenges for virtually all the end-use sectors. The industry has capabilities to meet specifications of various sizes, materials of constructions and their operational sophistications.

The pumps and valves industry in India is characterised by the presence of several international vendors, including significant numbers of small and mid-sized regional vendors. The Indian vendors are competing directly with global players, and have competitively positioned themselves by establishing wide distribution channels. Indian products are much cheaper when compared to global vendors. In terms of product pricing, the small regional vendors are comparatively better-positioned than their larger counterparts.

The exposure to global competition has prompted Indian Industry to work with good foresight and resilience to adapt to emerging trends, be it compliance with the requirements of Quality systems such as the ISO, CE, DIN, API, ANSI etc series of standards; or emergence of Energy Efficient Systems and Intelligent Process Equipment Systems technologies; or high-end customised products where Indian MSMEs specialise themselves in global markets.

Pumps & Valves Industry Statistics
Indian Pumps Market Share Segments:
Pumps & Valves Industry Statistics
Indian Valves Market Share Segments
India already exports over USD 1.55 bn worth of pumps and valves, serving various engineering segments, to over 100 countries The Indian market is over Rs 5000 crore in Pumps and Rs 4500 crore in Valves Urbanisation is expected to contribute 70% of India’s USD 15 trillion projected GDP by 2030
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